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Imagination Station provides a creative space for children where they feel safe and free to experiment, innovate, discover, play and express themselves through art. 

Grade 3 to 7 These art lessons will focus more formally on the development of visual awareness, personal expression and self-assessment, as well as build technical and material proficiency. The styles and techniques of famous artists through the ages will provide context and inspiration for the lessons, and help to cultivate art appreciation.


076 986 0395



Clay Creations offers children an excellent opportunity to explore their own creativity.  Additionally, they benefit by listening to instruction, processing information received, both verbally and non-verbally and concentrating while using their fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. Each lesson includes various techniques, Pinch Pots, coil building (sausages) and slab work (flat pieces of clay). One project is completed each week, then dried, fired and glazed and returned in two weeks. Aged 6 and up.  


083 415 3719



Join us at Paula's Academy of Dance for unparalleled dance instruction you won’t find anywhere else. Our passion is to uplift young children through dance. Our dance lessons provide discipline, routine, exercise, enjoyment and development. The classes will cover ballet and caters for both boys and girls. 


083 652 0790

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Give your child the opportunity to build confidence, enhance social skills, improve speech habits, develop creativity and release emotions in a safe environment. We do speech exercises, creative movement, dance and basic arts & crafts. We learn about poetry, story telling and acting while working with props, costumes, puppets and more. 


083 443 4891



Alastair Dickinson teaches Marimba at several Montessori Schools in the Western Cape. Ali brings his full set of marimbas, Bass Tenor and an Alto. Five children can play at a time. Ali loves to perform with his students and will definitely be a feature at future markets and outdoor events at Stepping Stones. Here he is with a small private group:


082 462 9150



Mobile Music Academy offers individual ukulele, piano and singing lessons to preschoolers. The skilled and experienced tutors allow the children to progress at their own pace, encouraging and supporting along the way. Each student is given backing tracks and graded music exercise books to facilitate additional independent practice at home.  


There is an old saying that goes - "Those who wish to sing will always find a song!" Now, your child can discover their song right here at Stepping Stones Montessori. 2022 has seen the re-introduction of the Stepping Stones Choir where the children will find their voices with the guidance of a specialized vocal teacher. Students learn fun vocal warm-ups, songs of various styles and how to harmonize! 


Mobile Music Academy will give a group Music lesson, introducing the djembe drums, ukuleles and singing. Sign up for a fun half hour and great introduction to music – for music’s sake! 


073 600 7194

Image by Josué Soto


The game of chess is one of strategy, skill and concentration. In chess it is all about the ability to outsmart your opponent – it has nothing to do with age, race, physical strength or degrees – judging the proverbial ‘book by the cover’ will be your biggest mistake. Chess teaches children to believe and trust in their own ability; to take responsibility for what happens on the board and to gracefully accept a win or a loose. The sooner kids start playing the better! Andrew from Insight Chess Academy leads small groups of players and allows for plenty of instruction and matches.


083 559 0406


Digitank provides high quality technology education like computer programming and robotics at affordable prices. The most important benefit of our courses is that coding is best learned young: learning to code is like learning a second language. The earlier that children are exposed to fundamental topics like sequencing, loops, and conditionals, the more deeply they absorb these concepts. Digitank is most suitable for lower elementary children and coding/robotics beginners. 


076 299 4102

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