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Colorful Book Spines


Diversity and Inclusion is naturally embraced by the Montessori philosophy.  We believe that diversity & inclusion is a natural extension in nurturing each child's desire for knowledge, understanding, curiosity and respect for life and the world around them. 


Our D&I vision is as follows: 
At Stepping Stones we are committed to creating a space which reflects our broader community, honours each person’s sense of self-worth and belonging, and is in alignment with the Montessori philosophy.


For us, diversity is: 
Embracing a range of human experiences, values, behaviours and identities across, but not limited to, race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, ethnic or social origin, colour, culture, language, birth and ability.


And inclusion is:

Recognising and embracing differences positively and openly through ongoing proactivity and togetherness.


Our D&I Working Group, made up of parents and staff, work on projects across the school to bring this vision to fruition. 



The D&I Working Group have put together a collection of books and resources to stimulate our children's (and our) curiosity and learning along these lines. 


Click on the cover to read a short description of the book, and please click the heart icon if you enjoyed it. 


 The Book Lounge has a large selection of books and will happily order for you if they don't have in stock.

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