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Age 18 Months-3 Years

Toddlers are Movers: They are the original explorers, absorbing information from their environment and using it to create themselves. They thirst for experiences and gather information through their senses. Montessori is all about offering real, meaningful tasks for children that they want to accomplish. Our Montessori program is designed to meet the needs of your developing toddler.

Movement: Our carefully prepared toddler environment offers these little explorers everything they need to gain mastery of physical skills. Stepping, climbing, balancing and other gross motor lessons balance with fine motor skill development through bead stringing, pouring, spooning and other practical life materials.

Independence: One of a toddler’s main drives is for independence. They are hardwired to “do it myself”. They learn to walk, talk, eat table food and self-toilet all in these early years. With guidance from Montessori trained adults, your toddler will lay the foundation for feelings of adequacy, autonomy and confidence.

The Mathematical Mind: The Montessori classroom offers toddlers lots of opportunities to sort items by color, shape and size which quickly leads to counting these “sets.” Children begin to associate the name of the number with the quantity it represents and then to the symbol that links them.

Expressive Language: Montessori identified the period of birth to six years as the sensitive period for acquiring language, with birth to three being the time for acquiring spoken language. At Stepping Stones we encourage language development by speaking to children in clear language and reading to them. We give them opportunities to ask for what they want rather than anticipating their needs so they develop expressive language. Toddlers delight in naming the objects in their world.

Community: Montessori lessons in grace and courtesy pave the way as your child moves from home to school to the broader community. From parallel play into cooperative play, children want to engage with each other. Montessori social lessons range from how to ask to join in play, how to wait for the answer, how to ask for help and how to say “no” gracefully. Children learn to respond with care and respect. Young ones learn to name their feelings and nurture their empathy for the feelings of others. Group activities help children develop social skills. Toddlers love to sing, dance and experiment. They learn how to take turns, follow directions and lead. Our focus on effective communication begins with our youngest students.

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